21st Division 1914-18...a divisional history

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This section has been added to help frequent visitors who may wish at a glance to see what is new or has been altered, thus helping them to get the best from the site

19th January 2009

Biography of Corporal George William Boyall, 9226, 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, killed in action 29 September 1918

7th August 2008

Updated list of War Diaries that I have to research from.

6th July 2008

A biography page added for Lt-Col Daniell

2nd July 2008

A biography page has been added for H E Franklyn

1st July 2008

A biography of Lt-Colonel A T Paley has been added

19th February 2008

A biography page added about Brigade Major of 62nd, Captain A G M Sharpe

18th January 2008

An update on the 64th Brigade memorial page, with the use of some new phots of the cross, cemetery and the surrounding area, supplied by Andy Pay.

18th January 2008

The addition to the book reviews of a comprehensive study of the book by General Sir Anthony Farrar Hockley 'Goughie' about General Sir Hubert Gough

1st November 2007

Updated biography on Brigadier-General Rawling with addition also of a picture of his grave at The Huts cemetery


30th June 2007

Addition of an article of a trench raid carried out by 62nd brigade on the night of 30th and morning of the 31st July 1917, whilst 21st division was part of VII Corps.

7th March 2007

A page called War Diarys and research has been added to the main menu. Its aim to inform anyone who vists the site that some material is available for anyone wishing to research certain periods. It is intended that the War Diaries will increase as the months and years pass, thus building up inot an massive store of information in regard to all units and actions of the 21st division in the Great War.

7th March 2007

Book review of Cheerful Sacrifice, about the battle of Arras in 1917, has been added to the review section.

7th March 2007

The look of the site has been changed, a different template has been selected that covers the page more and softer background has been added.

7th March 2007

A 21st division forum has been added to the site. I have done this in an attempt to polarise discussion on 21st div alone. I do not really forcast a heavy if any traffic to hit this site but that does not mean it will not get any traffic. It of course can not rival the Great War forum.

16th January 2007

Biography page updated of Field Marshall Sir Claude Jacob

5th December 2006

Initial biography page for Brig.Gen Headlam


3rd December 2006

Update of General Campbells biography page with two pictures.

2nd December 2006

Addition of a page in regard to the 64th brigade memorial at Cojeul British cemetery.

21st September 2006

The addition of a picture of Brigadier-General Rawling, for his biography page

17th September 2006

The addition of a new 'fighting soldier'. Captain T G Newbury  has been added.

13th September 2006

Expanded and slightly altered biography of A J McCulloch, with a picture of the General in later life.

25th August 2006

A new picture of Lt-General Sir Edward Hutton has been posted to his biography page