21st Division 1914-18...a divisional history

Examples of CWGC Cemeteries and the work carried out.


The Photographs below are shown to give an impression not just of the styles but also some of the maintenance involved in the upkeep of the headstones and the cemeteries themselves. 

A  photo that shows the Cross of Sacrifice and the Stone of Remembrance. The cross will appear in all cemeteries that have over forty CWGC headstones and the  stone where more than one thousand lay. This image is from Poelcapelle Cemetery. It does always follow that the cross and the stone are placed together.

This image shows the cross of Sacrifice in Bridge House Cemetery, the well maintained  mid height wall can be seen in the background. There is no Stone of Remembrance as there is, as can be seen, less than one thousand headstones.  

The same cemetery, Bridge House, taken from the entrance, showing well the cross and the mid-height walled entrance. 


Toronto Avenue Cemetery, in Ploegsteert (Plugstreet) Wood. This cemetery personifies the peace and quiet that can be obtained in a CWGC cemetery. Again you can see the walled gate entrance, this time flanked by a wire fence. All the men buried in this cemetery are Australian soldiers. Again you can see the Cross of Sacrifice. 

Bedford House Cemetery, again showing the Walled gate entrance. Bedford House is a good example of how a 'layout' can be very different yet remain within the original principles laid down back in 1918 by the commission. 


A view of Lijssenthoek Cemetery. One of the large cemeteries in Belgium. 

Another view of Bedford House Cemetery, this time from inside. Here you can see not just WW1 headstones but WW2 soldiers as well. This is not an uncommon feature as it may be presumed. After all the CWGC looks after all service personnel killed. 


The Ramparts Cemetery in Ypres, shows how tranquil a setting can be. The walk to this cemetery from the Menin Gate is a fair way yet it is well worth the visit.

Here we can see four headstones flanked by two empty spaces. These headstones have been removed for replacement or renovation work  by the CWGC. This is Oxford Road Cemetery. This is just one aspect of the upkeep involved in the work of the CWGC.

This shows the end plot from the previous photo, each removal is marked to enable both the CWCG and visitors. Whilst this could be rather unfortunate for a visitor to the grave, it is critical in upholding the permanency of the headstone. 


The Huts Cemetery, shows not just the Cross of Sacrifice, the Stone of Remembrance is at the other end of this cemetery, but the ungrassed area. On occasions the cemeteries have to under go a re-turf or seeding process. Again not always ideal for visitors but essential in the up keep.