21st Division 1914-18...a divisional history


This website would not have been possible without the help of many people. I would like to offer my thanks to those silent ones who have contributed and helped with advise and material. I have tried to list with the picture if it is courtesey of another person.

My individual thanks goes to the members of the Great War Forum and Chris Baker, whose baby it is. Without this group of people I would never have started on this journey. Their support, advise and contribution is fantastic and has helped this site to grow.

Dr John Bourne and the Centre for First World War Studies, whose advise and website I have gleaned and learnt much.

Western Front Association and in particular the members of the Northampton Branch, for help guidance and friendship

Graham Stewart who supplied copies of the 12th/13th/14th Northumberland Fusiliers for July 1916.

Chris Harrision for his picture of Loos Village.

Steven Broomfield for his info on 21st Division and Brigadier-General Gater.

Terry Denham for Clifford Coffin VC's headstone picture.

David Blanchard for the picture of Lt-Colonels Bastard and Holroyd-Smyth.

Tom Spencer for the 4th Middlesex 1914 picture. 

Dave Waite for his article on Reginald Herbert Westoby.

Martin Wills for some fantastic maps and the loan of his 'Library'

Stephen Barker for maps and information in regard to the Shelter wood article

Regimental Headquarters Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum for the picture of Major-General Andrew J McCulloch

Hugh Newbury for the photos and family information on Captain T G Newbury MC

Marco for use of his picture of the 64th Brigade memorial cross

Peter Bennett for his close up of the inscription of the 64th brigade memorial cross

Paul Reed for information and direction in regard to the wooden cross at Beverley Minster

Andy Pay for pictures of the 64th brigade memorial cross

Mel for the pictures of A G M Sharpe 

Andy Riding for extracts of 64th brigade war diary and the complete 10th KOYLI diary.

The Somerset Light Infantry Museum, for information in regard to Brig. Gen. Rawling.

Pete Crunkhurn, for information and pictures of the 8th Lincolnshire Regiment


I am sure that this list will grow and if I have missed anyone please accept my apologies

Andy Lonergan